UNAC Conference 2015 Workshops
Breakout 1 Workshops, Saturday @ 10:45 am
  1. Confronting State Terrorism, Domestic & Global Policing
    • Nick Mottern, Debra Sweet, Osagyefu Uhuru Sekou, Kathy Kelly
  2. Confronting U.S. Intervention in Latin America
    • Chuck Kaufman, Tom Burke, William Camacaro,  Berta Joubert-Ceci, Mark Burton
  3. Building a United Antiwar and Social Justice Movement
    •   Medea Benjamin,  Sara Flounders, Lawrence Hamm
  4. NATO Expansion from Yugoslavia to Ukraine & the Russian Border
    • Bruce Gagnon, Joe Lombardo, Irina Koval, Olga Rusev, Pavel Rusev
  5. The Continued Struggle for Migrant Rights: Legalization and Full Rights not Militarization of the Border
    • Teresa Gutierrez, Petra Guerra, Rosa Maria de la Torre, Narciso Castillo
  6. Palestine: BDS & the Struggle for Self Determination
    • Lamis Deek,  Susan Abulhawa, Bill Dores, Nick Maniaci, Kait MacIntyre, Suzanne Adely
  7. Muslim Communities Targeted: Entrapment, Frame-Ups & Intimidation
    •  Lynne Jackson, Chris Nineham, Joe Iosbaker, Sharmin Sadequee, Mauri' Saalakhan
  8. Reclaiming the Landscapes of Black History: Sacred Sites and the Right to Self Determination
    • Ana Edwards, Phil Wilayto, Taylor Janay Manigoult
Breakout 2 Workshops, Saturday @ 4:15 pm
  1. Honduras & Haiti: U.S. Coups Thwart Justice in the Carribean
    • Lucy Pagoada, Marty Goodman, Tamara Henson, Ray La Forest
  2. Muslims & the Peace Movement; Confronting Islamophobia
    • Malik Mujahid, Kathy Manley, Manzoor Cheema
  3. Afghan Quagmire: U.S. Death Squads, Drones, Warlords & Heroin
    • Kathy Kelly, Rory Fanning, Ray McGovern,  Barry Weislader, Ann Wright
  4. Western Imperialism & The Recolonization of Africa
    • Abayomi Azikiwe, Margaret Kimberley, Ana Edwards, Maurice Carney
  5. The Prison Injustice System: Challenging the Prison Industrial Complex
    •  Pam Africa,  Paulette Dauteuil, Monica Moorehead , Naomi Jaffe, Born King, Virginia Prisoners statement
  6. The Revolution Will Not Be Tweeted: Social Media & the Emerging Activist
    • Tylon Washington & GoPro Radio
  7. Ferguson to Baltimore: Resistance Continues
    • Osagyefo Uhuru Sekou, Imani Henry, Larry Holmes, 
  8. Youth Workshop: Building Emerging Movements for Tomorrow
    • Ramiro Funez, Chris Hutchinson, Daudi Henderson, Taylor Janay Manigoult
  9. Civil Resistance & Grassroots Campaigns Targeting Drones and the War Machine
    • Judy Bello, Ed Kinane, Malachy Kilbride,  Kait MacIntyre, Elsa Rassbach
  10. Million People's March Against Police Brutality, Racial Injustice &  Economic Inequality, July 25
    •  Lawrence Hamm, Marilyn Zuniga, Michelle Kamal
Breakout 3 Workshops, Sunday @  9:30 am
  1. Caravan 43 Campaign to Recover the Disappeared Mexican Students of Ayotzinapa
    • Rosa Marie de la Torre, Denise Romero
  2. Black-Left Unity: A Framework for Rebuilding the Black Liberation Movement
    • Shafeah M'Balia, Ana Edwards 
  3. Challenging Imperial Wars in Iraq, Libya, Syria, Yemen & Beyond
    • Bill Dores, Judy Bello, Cynthia McKinney, Ray McGovern, Johnny Achi
  4. Iran: The Nuclear Talks, The Middle East & The Tehran Peace Museum
    • Phil Wilayto, Kazem Azin, Margaret Sarfehjooy
  5. The Feminization of Poverty, Rape Culture and the Exploitation of Women
    • Mo Hannah, Monica Aguilar Calderon, Monica Moorehead, Kaylee Knowles
  6. Fossil Fuel Wars & Climate Crisis: Profitable Wars to Secure the Very Resources Whose Continued Use Spell Doom for Humankind
    • Sandy Steubing, Camila Ibanez, Christine Marie,  Antonia Juhasz, Daniel Adam
  7. Fight For $15 in the Context of Austerity
    •  John Dennie, John Parker, Chris Hutchinson, Kevin Zeese, Rolandah Cleopattrah McMillan
  8. The Destruction of Detroit: The Economic & Social War at Home in the U.S. & Worldwide
    •  Larry Adams, Abayomi Azikiwe, Clarence Thomas, Charles Jenkins

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