UNAC Conference 2015

If you missed the Conference of the Year,
The United National Antiwar Coalition (UNAC)

Invites you to watch, listen, and enjoy some of the inspiring and informative speakers  at our May Conference at your convenience.
pocket option review Video and Sound recordings can be accessed through the name of the panel, workshop or speaker on the Schedule, Panel and Workshop pages.  Not all events were recorded, but there are more yet to be posted.

A National Antiwar & Social Justice Conference to

Stop the Wars at Home & Abroad!

Against a background of binary deriv seemingly endless U.S. wars abroad and growing domestic movements against racist police killings, low wages and devastating climate change, more than 400 activists gathered just outside New York City May 8-10 for a “Stop the Wars at Home & Abroad!” conference that ratified an Action Plan addressing both domestic and international issues.

Sponsored by the United National Antiwar Coalition (UNAC), the conference, held at a hotel in Secaucus, New Jersey, brought together a wide range of activists, from those who primarily concentrate on international issues to mostly younger activists in the emerging movements such as Black Lives Matter, Fight for $15 and environmental change.

Conference delegates came from 29 states, as well as Canada, Britain, Germany and Ukraine. A number of now-U.S.-based activists represented struggles in their crypto exchange home countries of Colombia, Haiti, Honduras, Iran, Mexico, Palestine, the Philippines, Puerto Rico, Syria and Venezuela also attended.

Lynne Stewart, free at last!
Solidarity messages were received from Cuba, Ireland, New Zealand and Russia.

For our full Report on the Conference, Click Here.  

United National Antiwar Coalition (UNAC)
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